Can you imagine seeing yourself on a billboard in New York City?  Manish Singh, a Mitchell Martin physical therapist at Archcare Rehabilitation doesn’t have to, his face is now on bus stop ads throughout Manhattan along with one of his patients, Renee.  It seems that Manish has been credited with saving the life of this extremely grateful patient – a view which prompted her to make a large donation to the rehab facility.

Manish has been assigned to Archcare Rehabilitation for about 14 months and it is his second assignment through Mitchell Martin Healthcare.  This isn’t the first time he’s been honored for a job well done, he’s received numerous awards for ‘best patient care’ in a very short time. While he is reserved and quite humble, he really loves his work and it shows.

29791573_1687983001279064_7376781730705256186_nWhen asked about his job, Manish says he enjoys being creative every day. He likes to modify the routines so that his patients are never bored and always feel challenged.  He maintains a positive and supportive attitude in order to keep people motivated. In addition to being a great listener, he also says that communication is key and always shares his knowledge and explains how each session will benefit the patient.  He says that this helps people feel more confident in his ability to help them, especially when his advice matches with what the doctor says.

Manish worked with Renee for 5 or 6 months and marvels at her hard work and determination.  He said he can understand how hard it can be to face physical limitations which can cause fear, uncertainty and feelings of isolation.  This is made worse if the person is used to being independent and very social and outgoing. Helping her to recover her strength and get her confidence back was extremely fulfilling for him.

Manish says he is very grateful to Mitchell Martin Healthcare and his recruiter Sarah for placing him at such a wonderful facility.  While being a physical therapist and a recruiter are not comparable, they both require an understanding that everyone is different and has different motivations and goals.  As a recruiter, being able to identify what those are and to apply those to a client assignment is the key to a good match.  Manish says that Sarah understands his objectives and keeps those in mind when finding an assignment.

As a healthcare practitioner, working with a staffing agency that understands your needs can be the key to a rewarding assignment.  Mitchell Martin Healthcare partners with both clients and candidates to find the best match for both sides of the equation.  If you would like to explore a new opportunity or need to hire staff for your healthcare organization, contact Mitchell Martin Healthcare today.